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Lee Distad


Lee came to play out of sheer curiosity and to add another sport to the list of strength sports he has competed in. With very few games under his belt so far, Lee seems to be improving in leaps and bounds, due to a good base of strength and an ability to actually listen to advice and implement it.

Personal Bests

Braemar StoneAmateursBeaumont Highland Games 20'7.0" 23.0lbs.2009.08.22
Open StoneAmateursEllerslie Highland Games 23'10.0" 17.0lbs.2004.06.27
Sheaf  N/A 
Caber  N/A 
Light Weight for DistanceAmateursCalgary Highland Games 36'7.0"2005.09.03
Heavy Weight for DistanceAmateursEllerslie Highland Games 17'2.0"2004.06.27
Light HammerAmateursRed Deer Highland Games 74'2.0"2004.06.26
Heavy HammerAmateursFort Edmonton Highland Games 55'5.0"2006.07.15
Weight Over Bar  N/A 

Games Record

2009.08.22Beaumont Highland Games4 20'7.0" 23.0lbs. 20'7.0" 20.2lbs.N/AN/A 35'6.0" 16'2.0" 66'8.0" 46'8.0"N/A
2007.07.21Fort Edmonton Highland Games8N/AN/AN/AN/A 33'4.0" 15'11.0"N/A 48'4.0"N/A
2006.07.15Fort Edmonton Highland Games9N/A 22'11.0" 16.5lbs.N/AN/A 33'4.0" 15'2.0"N/A 55'5.0"N/A
2005.09.03Calgary Highland Games12 18'4.0" 25.0lbs. 22'7.0" 16.0lbs.N/AN/A 36'7.0" 17'0.5" 65'8.5" 53'2.0"N/A
2005.08.13Beaumont Highland Games7 19'0.0" 25.0lbs. 21'5.0" 16.0lbs.N/AN/A 33'2.0" 14'4.0" 63'7.0"N/AN/A
2004.07.11Foote Field Highland Games4 15'9.0" 27.0lbs. 22'5.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 34'4.0" 16'0.0" 64'10.0" 53'8.0"N/A
2004.07.10Fort Edmonton Highland Games9N/A 22'6.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 32'0.0" 11'1.0" 63'2.0"N/AN/A
2004.06.27Ellerslie Highland Games10N/A 23'10.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 35'2.0" 17'2.0" 66'10.0" 49'7.0"N/A
2004.06.26Red Deer Highland Games13N/A 23'3.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 34'7.0" 15'0.0" 74'2.0"N/AN/A

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