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Leah Dube


Fergus Ontario

My name is Leah Dube ,  I am a 39 year old woman who loves life and makes the best of each moment.  I am the mother of three children diagnosed on the autism spectrum and needless to say, they keep me very busy.  My life has become so consumed by my children and their needs that I tend to forget about who I am and what I need as a woman and an individual person.  I have taken up this wonderful sport to do something for myself, to give me a personal goal and to help me and feel alive again..  
I started last year by taking the Fergus Highland School and then attended my first competition which was the Highlands of Durham Games.
Since then I have competed in five additional games with great enjoyment and have met wonderful people along the way.
My favorite events are the Sheaf Toss and Hammer Throw but am striving to excel at all the events in total.  I am looking forward to pursuing this sport as it has given me an opportunity to find myself.

Personal Bests

Braemar StoneWomensOlcott Polar Bear Festival Games 14'8.0" 17.7lbs.2011.03.06
Open StoneWomensTrenton Scottish Irish Festival 27'9.0" 10.0lbs.2010.09.11
SheafWomensTrenton Scottish Irish Festival 16'8.0" 12.0lbs.2010.09.11
CaberWomensNiagara Celtic Heritage Festival and Highland Games 2:0 16'0.0" 45.0lbs.2011.09.18
Light Weight for DistanceWomensPeterborough Highland Games 40'1.0"2011.08.06
Heavy Weight for DistanceWomensLockport Highland Games 23'10.3"2010.10.03
Light HammerWomensTrenton Scottish Irish Festival 63'3.0"2011.09.10
Heavy HammerWomensGeorgetown Highland Games Women 49'0.0"2011.06.11
Weight Over BarWomensOlcott Scottish Athletics 11'0.0"2011.05.01

Games Record

2011.10.02Lockport Highland Games1N/A 20'4.0" 12.0lbs. 15'0.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 39'3.0" 19'2.5"N/AN/A 9'0.0"
2011.09.18Niagara Celtic Heritage Festival and Highland Games4N/A 21'3.5" 12.0lbs. 14'0.0" 12.0lbs. 02:00 16'0.0" 45.0lbs. 35'6.0" 18'0.0"N/AN/AN/A
2011.09.10Trenton Scottish Irish Festival4N/A 26'6.0" 10.0lbs. 13'0.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 34'6.0"N/A 63'3.0"N/AN/A
2011.08.06Peterborough Highland Games4N/A 25'10.0" 9.5lbs.N/AN/A 40'1.0"N/A 61'10.0"N/A 9'6.0"
2011.07.23Highlands of Durham Games7N/A 21'7.0" 11.0lbs. 14'0.0" 10.0lbs.N/A 39'7.0" 22'0.0" 58'0.0"N/A 9'6.0"
2011.06.11Georgetown Highland Games Women6N/A 23'11.0" 10.0lbs. 13'0.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 38'10.0" 22'4.0" 56'3.0" 49'0.0" 10'0.0"
2011.06.04North Tonawanda Renaissance Festival1N/A 20'7.0" 11.5lbs. 10'6.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 33'1.0"N/AN/A 45'9.0" 9'6.0"
2011.05.01Olcott Scottish Athletics2N/A 21'2.5" 12.0lbs. 16'0.0" 12.0lbs. 02:30 14'5.0" 45.0lbs. 37'2.0" 21'4.0"N/AN/A 11'0.0"
2011.03.06Olcott Polar Bear Festival Games1 14'8.0" 17.7lbs. 20'0.0" 11.0lbs. 16'0.0" 13.0lbs.N/AN/A 17'8.0"N/AN/A 8'0.0"
2010.10.03Lockport Highland Games3N/A 22'5.8" 11.2lbs.N/AN/A 38'0.0" 23'10.3"N/AN/A 10'0.0"
2010.09.11Trenton Scottish Irish Festival4N/A 27'9.0" 10.0lbs. 16'8.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 39'10.0" 21'5.0" 56'8.0"N/AN/A
2010.08.21North Lanark Highland Games3N/A 24'9.0" 9.5lbs. 16'0.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 39'3.0"N/A 57'3.0"N/A 10'0.0"
2010.08.14Fergus Scottish Festival & Highland Games8N/AN/A 14'0.0" 12.0lbs.N/A 38'7.0" 22'2.0" 53'0.0"N/A 9'0.0"
2010.07.25Highlands of Durham Games6N/A 18'8.0" 12.0lbs.N/AN/A 38'0.0" 20'8.0"N/A 43'0.0"N/A

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