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Chris Dwyer


Personal Bests

Braemar Stone  N/A 
Open StoneAmateursVeteran's Memorial Highland Games 33'4.0" 18.0lbs.2006.06.17
SheafAmateursVeteran's Memorial Highland Games 25'0.0" 0.0lbs.2006.06.17
CaberAmateursHighlands of Durham Games 0:0 18'1.0" 79.0lbs.2006.07.22
Light Weight for DistanceAmateursHighlands of Durham Games 57'0.0"2006.07.22
Heavy Weight for DistanceAmateursChatham-Kent Supreme Highland Games 27'8.5"2006.07.08
Light HammerAmateursChatham-Kent Supreme Highland Games 84'10.5"2006.07.08
Heavy HammerAmateursHighlands of Durham Games 70'9.0"2006.07.22
Weight Over BarAmateursChatham-Kent Supreme Highland Games 12'6.0"2006.07.08

Games Record

2006.07.22Highlands of Durham Games2N/A 30'2.0" 20.0lbs. 25'0.0" 0.0lbs. 00:00 18'1.0" 79.0lbs. 57'0.0" 27'1.0"N/A 70'9.0"N/A
2006.07.08Chatham-Kent Supreme Highland Games1N/A 32'5.5" 16.0lbs.N/AN/A 48'11.5" 27'8.5" 84'10.5" 67'9.0" 12'6.0"
2006.06.17Veteran's Memorial Highland Games6N/A 33'4.0" 18.0lbs. 25'0.0" 0.0lbs.N/A 52'6.5"N/A 81'3.0"N/AN/A

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