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Danny Hiscock


Kuroki Canada

Height :: 5'10''
Weight :: 230
Tartan :: Blair/Armstrong

This is my first year in the Highland Games and just love it. I plan on getting in as many games as i can this year 2008 and kick some ass. I maybe 50 but i am not dead

Personal Bests

Braemar StoneMastersRegina Highland Games 22'2.5" 24.0lbs.2008.05.18
Open StoneMastersRegina Highland Games 27'5.0" 16.5lbs.2008.05.18
SheafMastersRegina Highland Games 16'0.0" 0.0lbs.2008.05.18
Caber  N/A 
Light Weight for DistanceMastersRegina Highland Games 34'7.5"2009.05.17
Heavy Weight for DistanceMastersRegina Highland Games 21'11.0"2008.05.18
Light HammerMastersRegina Highland Games 57'8.5"2008.05.18
Heavy HammerMastersRegina Highland Games 44'3.5"2008.05.18
Weight Over BarMastersRegina Highland Games 12'0.0"2008.05.18

Games Record

2009.05.17Regina Highland Games2 21'4.0" 25.0lbs. 26'4.5" 16.5lbs.N/AN/A 34'7.5" 18'9.0" 55'2.0" 36'3.0"N/A
2008.05.18Regina Highland Games1 22'2.5" 24.0lbs. 27'5.0" 16.5lbs. 16'0.0" 0.0lbs.N/A 30'1.0" 21'11.0" 57'8.5" 44'3.5" 12'0.0"

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