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Chopper Robinson


Personal Bests

Braemar Stone  N/A 
Open StoneOpenGathering of the Scots 30'1.0" 17.0lbs.2004.05.29
Sheaf  N/A 
Caber  N/A 
Light Weight for DistanceOpenGathering of the Scots 52'2.0"2004.05.29
Heavy Weight for DistanceOpenGathering of the Scots 26'4.0"2004.05.29
Light HammerOpenGathering of the Scots 73'6.0"2004.05.29
Heavy HammerOpenGathering of the Scots 65'0.0"2004.05.29
Weight Over BarOpenGathering of the Scots 9'6.0"2004.05.29

Games Record

2004.05.29Gathering of the Scots6N/A 30'1.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 52'2.0" 26'4.0" 73'6.0" 65'0.0" 9'6.0"

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