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The CSAF Board is comprised of Canadians involved in the Scottish Heavy Events as athletes, organizers, retired athletes and promoters. Board members are elected in staggered, 2 year terms such that about one-half of the Board is subject to election at each Annual General Meeting. From this Board, officers are elected from among themselves. Those positions (1 year terms) are: President, VP, Sec, Tres, Community Outreach and any other portfolio required on an ad hoc basis. (updated 02.04.2023)

2023 CSAF Board

Position Name Electoral Constituency Year
President Celine Freeman-Gibb Athlete Central Representative even
Vice President Elizabeth MacDonald Women's Representative even
Treasurer Danny Frame Athlete East Representative odd
Secretary Kaitlyn Clark Athlete East Representative even
Director Dale Andrew Athlete Central Representative odd
Director Jason McLinton Master's Representative even
Director Vacant Retired Athlete Representative even
Outreach Erin Moen Athlete West Representative even
Director Rob Young Open Representative odd
Director Jason Baines Supporter at Large even
Director Bryan MacLean Athlete LightWeight Representative odd
Director Justin Wishart Athlete West Representative odd
Director Alisha Thompson Supporter at Large odd