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Andre Geurtz

Andre joined up late in 2004 and proceded to throw himself into the mix immediately. Bringing some natural athleticism to the games, Andre will no doubt rise in the ranks as his experience increases

Personal Bests

Braemar Stone  N/A 
Open StoneAmateursCalgary Highland Games 29'9.0" 17.0lbs.2004.09.04
Sheaf  N/A 
Caber  N/A 
Light Weight for DistanceAmateursCalgary Highland Games 45'0.0"2004.09.04
Heavy Weight for DistanceAmateursCalgary Highland Games 16'0.0"2004.09.04
Light HammerAmateursCalgary Highland Games 68'1.0"2004.09.04
Heavy HammerAmateursCalgary Highland Games 49'4.0"2004.09.04
Weight Over BarAmateursCalgary Highland Games 10'0.0"2004.09.04

Games Record

2004.09.04Calgary Highland Games11N/A 29'9.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 45'0.0" 16'0.0" 68'1.0" 49'4.0" 10'0.0"
2004.08.28High River Highland Games8N/A 28'2.5" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 33'0.0"N/A 66'0.5"N/A 10'0.0"

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