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Mike Martin


At first glance, Mike does not seem to possess a typical thrower's body. However, underestimating the man would be a huge mistake, as he is a master of last second accellerations, snapping the weights out much further than you would expect for the few games he has attended. Natural explosiveness aside, he has also taken the games seriously and is already working to improve his technique. By the 2003 season, he will be another athlete pushing the envelope of the open class.

Personal Bests

Braemar Stone  N/A 
Open StoneAmateursFort Edmonton Highland Games 35'1.0" 17.0lbs.2004.07.10
SheafAmateursRegina Highland Games 14'0.0" 0.0lbs.2003.05.18
Caber  N/A 
Light Weight for DistanceAmateursFort Edmonton Highland Games 43'6.0"2004.07.10
Heavy Weight for DistanceAmateursFort Edmonton Highland Games 22'6.0"2004.07.10
Light HammerAmateursRegina Highland Games 78'10.0"2003.05.18
Heavy Hammer  N/A 
Weight Over Bar  N/A 

Games Record

2004.07.10Fort Edmonton Highland Games2N/A 35'1.0" 17.0lbs.N/AN/A 43'6.0" 22'6.0" 73'2.0"N/AN/A
2003.05.18Regina Highland Games6N/A 31'11.5" 16.0lbs. 14'0.0" 0.0lbs.N/A 43'1.0" 21'9.5" 78'10.0"N/AN/A

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